Because we know that petty entrepreneurs cannot attend our seminars on a regular basis during business hours, we have prepared these topics as distant learning seminars.

We will continue to work on the topics even after the end of the project, we have planned an "Intercultural Dialogue Forum" - here the participating companies and project participants meet and exchange ideas, help each other and / or let our experts advise them.

Why you should work with us

Because we promote innovative processes that will enhance the performance of products and services, making them more visible to the 80 Million plus potential end customers.

As self-employed entrepreneur, you are responsible for the success of your business! Since there is hardly time for further education, we are your best bet to success!

Why you should learn to improve your business

  • Because one does not know the exact conditions in Germany well enough especially, if one comes from another country or culture, one must often work more than the locals, to earn enough money for own living and for the salaries of the employees
  • Because you would like to optimize your own business results, participation in a business development training programs can be very useful.
  • Important Tipps direct from Experts" For example, if you are good at taxation, you can save unnecessary costs. If you know how good marketing works, you can increase sales and earn more money. All these topics and much more can be found in our friend training program.
  • Our program is designed for flexible and ease of use whenever you find the time to do so - during quiet business hours and without having to leave your company – with the new developed further education program called that deals with all important topics concerning your business, We hope your business will function optimally after our training.